Planning Regulations

Since June 2014 Mount Eliza Woodland has had its own Design and Development Overlay – the DDO18 setting out the local planning laws.  Most people are aware that they are likely to require a building permit to construct a new house.  However, the DDO18 also sets out other requirements.

For example - fences make a big difference to streetscapes so, as we strive to maintain our streetscapes, it is possible that you will need a permit to build a new front fence if it is not going to meet the stated requirements.  We recommend that you consult the DDO18 to find out what’s allowed.  Don’t assume that you can do what your neighbours have done – their fence could well have been constructed before the change in regulations.

Open, informal and well landscaped street frontages are a key characteristic of Mt Eliza Woodland. To maintain this, there are specific planning controls on fences in our area. We must all be vigilant and report construction of new fences that do not comply.

A permit is required to construct a fence if:                                                                                                                  - The fence has a height greater than 1.8 metres.                                                                                                        - The fence is constructed of fibro cement sheet materials.                                                                                          - The fence abuts a road and has a height of 1.5 metres or more.                                                                                - The fence abuts a road and less than 70% of the total fence structure is open or transparent.

The DDO18 can be viewed here

Where there are significant developments proposed in Mt Eliza Woodland that may impact on neighbourhood character, we will make formal objections or seek further information.  Below are recent objections that we have submitted as part of the planning process.

Submission 1

    Planning Objection to: P16/1538    Aged Care Facility   235 Canadian Bay Rd                                                          

Submission 2 

    Planning Objection to: P16/1538    Aged Care Facility   235 Canadian Bay Rd                                                           

Submission 3

    Planning Objection to: P16/1535    Early Learning Centre   St Thomas More PS  313 Canadian Bay Rd