What is Mount Eliza Woodland?

Mount Eliza Woodland is the area bounded by the Nepean Hwy, Humphries Rd, the Moorooduc Hwy and Canadian Bay Rd. When building blocks were first allocated in this area it was with the vision that housing would be developed with the theme of houses within a woodland setting. A 
residents’ association has now been formed in an attempt to preserve this concept.

Why you should join us

Now that we have secured the land from sub-divisions below 2,000 square metres, it is time to save our trees.

Mount Eliza Woodland is dominated by its trees.  In many cases, the streetscapes have a natural, woodland feel and often the extensive planting of private gardens enhance this impression.  Homes are concealed from view, either partly or completely, and, where the houses are more dominant, a private oasis has often been fashioned away from public view.  Not only do we value our trees, we value the lifestyle they allow us to create.

However, the woodland lifestyle that we all love is under threat. Through a combination of natural die-off, damage from wildlife and a lack of replanting, our indigenous trees are in decline.  By 2030, unless we do something about it, senescence – the natural aging process - will mean that a large proportion of our trees will have died.  And without the trees we will not only lose the home for our native fauna,we will also lose the unique neighbourhood character of Woodland. 

We need to preserve the trees that are here and we need an ongoing plan for planting more trees.  But not just any trees, we need to be planting the right trees and we need to be planting them extensively across the area. And, for the tree canopy to survive, we need to get started right away. This will take a combined effort by the residents of Woodland to gain knowledge, develop a common vision and take action. We also need to engage with council and a range of experts to support our work. 

Now is the time for you to join us and help our community learn about planting and maintaining gardens that are not only native, but are indigenous to the area. This will help attract and bring back the native wildlife that has dispersed over the years and will ensure Mount Eliza Woodland remains a great place for its residents to live.

If you live within Mount Eliza Woodland, or even if you don't but you want to help preserve it, take the first step and join our Association.

Why are we here?

To preserve and enhance Mount Eliza Woodland and its natural treed landscape for everyone to enjoy now and into the future.


Which means we need to:

  1. Preserve and regenerate Woodland’s natural habitat.
  2. Ensure that land use controls protect and preserve the area.
  3. Generate community awareness of the uniqueness of Woodland.
  4. Coordinate activities with government and other groups where appropriate.
  5. Maintain a strong and viable organisation to achieve the above.