Our Beginnings

The beginnings of Woodland were not auspicious – the minimum block size was determined by the poor soil and its inability to retain a great deal of household waste in septic tanks.

Despite that poor soil, some of the area was cleared for farming. In other areas, where the topography made it impossible to farm, the tree cover has remained. Woodland (although not by that name) was first recognised in the Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Scheme, December 1, 1971 as “Residential Zone D” in the municipal district of Frankston where minimum allotment size was set down as 0.26 Hectare - our 2,600 sq.m. blocks of today.  

Woodland continued to be protected by its minimum lot size until 1996 - two years after becoming part of the newly created Mornington Peninsula Shire.  In 1996 the Shire changed the planning law to allow “integrated subdivisions”.  These subdivisions, which had no minimum size – other than that allowed under Residential 1 zoning, had to include a plan for the new house on the proposed block, with the application.

On 4thDecember 2004 Mt Eliza Woodland Residents Association Inc. came into being. Its first task was to protect Mount Eliza Woodland from the subdivision that would destroy our trees and the environment they sustain.

After supporting residents’ long battles through the Shire council and through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), 38 applications to subdivide later - fortunately not all from different addresses and fortunately not all successful, on 26th June 2014 Planning Amendment C162 was gazetted and Design and Development Overlay 4 (DDO4) was replaced by Design and Development Overlay 18 (DDO18).

Our goal was to limit subdivision to no less than the current minimum block size block size of 2,600 sq m. That was not approved but we were able to achieve a minimum block size of 2,000 sq m.

Mount Eliza Woodland is a fantastic place to live and a great place to bring up children.  Help us continue to make it better and better.